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Our metabolic conditioning classes are perfect for people who wish to increase their endurance, burn fat or build and maintain muscle mass. It works quickly and effectively because it exercises a large variety of muscle groups simultaneously.LEARN MORE!
Our Get Sexy Boot Camp has helped so many women reach and maintain their ideal weight. After a few sessions you will start to notice your body tighten in all the right areas and you’ll have so much more energy to live the way you want.LEARN MORE!

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“I now feel like I have all the tools in place to achieve my goals, whereas previously I felt lost”

After meeting with Adrin, it was obvious this was someone that knew what he was talking about, and actually cared enough to help me achieve my goals! He is friendly, knowledgeable, focused and flexible. Offering options and opinions to cater for all avenues required for my specific goals. I enjoyed training in a relaxed atmosphere, where he also took the time to explain the benefits/usages of certain techniques/movements.
– Alan Obaidi –

“I can now walk past the chocolate aisle without buying something!

When I first started training with Adrin I was eating all the wrong foods and didn’t even give a thought as to the calories. Eating a bag of maltesers was a regular part of life. Now I check all the foods before I eat them and I actually enjoy learning the value of food and whether they are worth the 2 minutes in my mouth!
The biggest change I have made is meal planning & preparation. Adrin has helped me become organised, this saves me time & money at the shops & helps me stay on track!

Exercise is now a regular part of life, I love training & I look forward to it each week… the results have been worth every bit of effort!

“My 3 Biggest Achievements Are Strength, Fitness & Discipline!”
Fitness 180 has helped me achieve so much! I have learnt discipline and have disciplined myself within my workout regime and my diet. Fitness 180 has taught me to look at food & understand all the nutritional value. Being a vegetarian I have learnt about protein within plant based foods and I have become more aware on the natural foods with more protein. I am known to have a sweet tooth however learning about nutritional value within different foods I have now learnt to eat this in moderation.
I have also changed the way I exercise, Fitness 180 has taught me about recovery times and how to utilize my recovery time to get more out of my work out!
I have enjoyed meeting people, and working out with like minded people! I have also enjoyed seeing results and feeling fitter & stronger!
Melissa Goffredo

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The most comprehensive and affordable personal training program in Castle Hill

Meet your goals and expectations with affordable personal training from Fitness 180 in Castle Hill. Working hard to help guide you through the process of realising your potential, our trainers will mentor you with care and respect, tailoring our specialised workout programs around your schedule and physical abilities.

Achieving fitness success often depends on having the motivation and support system that is required to continue through the transformation. Fitness 180 delivers results with a range of services to better your objectives. No matter your circumstances, your trainer will help you discover the body you’re after and the positive mindset to go with it.

We currently offer:

  • Semi-private training
  • Small group personal training Session
  • Assistance in establishing a routine
  • Cheap personal trainers that are quality driven

Don’t get caught up in the “quick fixes” that plague the internet, or fall victim to that little voice inside your head saying you can’t fulfill your goals. With Fitness 180’s team of cheap personal trainers in Castle Hill, you will achieve.

Fitness 180 in Castle Hill provide cheap, quality workouts and affordable personal trainers that are trained to unlock your self-esteem and confidence levels to fulfill your physical desires. We will assign you a trainer that meets your prerequisites and ensure they provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Adrin Adelzadeh
Adrin AdelzadehOwner

Some of Adrin’s Highlights

Hi, My name is Adrin Adelzadeh and I live in North West of Sydney. I have worked with personal training clients for over decade and I still get excited when I see them take on the challenge of becoming fitter, healthier and happier!

Getting people fit and healthy is the best thing about personal training! It’s amazing the progress and success people can achieve if they consistently do the right things for a healthier lifestyle.

My main training technique involves making exercise fun. Who wants to be bored while working out? If you’re bored you will spend less time working on getting healthier and happier. I like to be upbeat, energetic and motivating.

My experience in the Fitness & Martial Arts industry has spanned over a decade and I hold the following qualifications:
  • Level 2 Exercise Professional
  • Fitness Australia Registered
  • Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • Certificate III in Fitness – Group Fitness Instructor
  • MMA Certified Conditioning Coach
  • Level 2 Accredited Muay Thai Instructor
  • Level 1 Accredited Martial Arts Instructor
  • Level 1 Accredited Boxing Trainer
  • Applied First Aid
My main area of specialty are weight loss & Wellness. I help my client achieve this by educating and mentoring them to make the simple daily decisions that will move them towards their goals.
    • Weight Loss
    • Healthy Lifestyle Choices’s
    • Metabolic Workouts
    • Positive mindset

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